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With the theme of trinkets from an imaginary paradise, this brand has a somewhat ethnic mood.

Taking hints from embroideries and textiles from around the world, the brand designs with a modern interpretation and expresses them using machine embroidery. 

The rich colors and unique shapes that are the most appealing features of the collection are not based on what actually exists, but rather on what exists in the designer's imaginary paradise, which shefreely expresses.

The jewelry is expressed mainly using rayon threads and polyester cloth, and has a sense of luxury and originality despite the fact that no otherjewelry is used.

ARRO jewelry creates the unique space between art and fashion jewelry.

Each piece embodies an innocent, capricious and elegant spirit. 


Ethical embroidered jewelry that respects people, the environment, and society

Traditional jewelry materials, gold and gemstones, often come from harsh working conditions involving exploitation, child labor, and significant environmental impact. ARRO chooses recycled polyester as its primary material, machine embroidered in a factory in Japan and then hand finished for a three-dimensional effect. This process reflects a commitment to social and environmental care and ethical practices.

Inclusive jewelry inspired by a fantasy paradise

At ARRO, we offer jewelry that allows all customers to freely express themselves, beyond traditional categories such as gender. Each piece is bold and flamboyant, yet extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. This design philosophy allows for comfortable everyday wear and extended wear. This makes our jewelry truly accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Unique and thoughtful design

Our unique designs accentuate individuality and enhance the wearer's sense of style and personal expression.
The creative process is similar to tailoring a garment, with patterns being made and repeated trial and error leading to the final design.

By computer programming traditional embroidery techniques, we have evolved these into a contemporary approach, further setting our designs apart in the contemporary jewellery landscape.


Nana Watanabe

After working as a fashion designer and textile designer for a domestic brand, she has been working as a freelance designer since 2014.
In March 2017, the accessory brand "ARRO" was launched, which uses machine embroidery techniques.


2023 ARTISTAR JEWELS NETWORK / Milano Jewelry Week


2021 UNDER the PALMO, Hayama (Kanagawa, Japan)


2018 New Jewelry Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

2022 New Jewelry Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

2023 Milano Jewelry Week (Milano, Italy)

2023 Earring Galore (New York, US)

2023 New Jewelry Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

2024 Nexus, Galleria Carlo Lucidi (Roma, Italy)

2024 MAD about Jewelry, MAD museum, (New York, US)